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1997 Master Agronomist

Robert Greenlee

Robert Greenlee grew up on the family's 400 acre farm that he shared with his brother after their father's death in 1968.  He graduated from high school and was very active in FFA where he won many awards, including the State Farmer degree his senior year.  He attended college and received his B.S. in Education in 1966.  He taught and served as principal of the Morris Elementary school for over 30 years before retiring.

Robert's farming grew from sharing the "home place' with his brother to the present day 3.500 acre diversified farm where he grows wheat, soybeans, milo, corn, peanuts, cotton, and has even grown some sunflowers.  He and his wife, Carol, live on their farm in Okmulgee county where they raised their two daughters.  The also have farming interests in Muskogee and Wagoner counties.

Robert strongly supports the OSU Cooperative Extension Service and regularly attends education meetings, field tours and other activities sponsored by OSU.  He routinely soil tests, practices crop rotation, and uses conservation practices such as minimum till and no-till farming.  His innovation has prompted him to implement Round Up Ready soybeans in his farming and he is considering Round Up Ready cotton this year - a first in Okmulgee County.  He has donated land for test plots and hosts tours of his farm.  Robert also runs a small cow-calf operation utilizing weed control and fertilizer to improve pasture grass and hay quality.

He is a charter member of the Morris Young Farmers Association which supports many local 4-H and FFA members. He has given his own time and money to 4-H and FFA members.  He has helped in preparation for shows, donated hay, and started his two girls into raising show hogs to teach them the meaning of responsibilities.  Robert also helped sponsor the Okmulgee County tractor pull.

Robert is a member of the Okmulgee Farm Bureau, Corn Growers Association, Wheat Growers Association, Soybean Growers Association and Cotton Growers Association. He was featured in Farm Show Magazine in 1982 when he mounted an automotive engine on top of his combine to make it 4-wheel drive in order to harvest soybeans in muddy conditions. He was interviewed by Farm Journal in 1997 about his dry-land cotton practices.  He arranged tours of his farm for Morris School kids, and provides crop plants and video tapes for classes. Robert was named Okmulgee County Farmer of the Year in 1984 by the Conservation District.

He is an active member of many civic organizations and community activities including membership in the First Baptist Church of Morris.  He supports local groups such as firefighters, police, Project DARE and law enforcement programs for finger printing the youth in the area.

He is always only a phone call away to help his neighbors with information he might have or can get concerning his first true love - farming.


Gary Weger


Gary Weger is a peanut producer who farms near Calera in Bryan County.  Because of changes in the peanut program land, Gary is converting some of his peanut acreage to soybeans.  He also rotates milo and occasionally cotton in his operation.  He has also successfully grown machine-harvested cucumbers.

Gary employs superior agronomic agronomic practices in his farming operation.  He carefully studies variety test yield data to select varieties appropriate for his farm.  He soil tests and applies fertilizer as required.  He carefully considers the efficacy and environmental impact of any pesticides he selects to use. Gary is an astute observer of expense management and does not carelessly waste inputs,  He seeks the counsel of the OSU Extension Service personnel and has used a field scout to help him make decisions about production inputs.  Gary is also an excellent steward o the land.  He uses winter cover crops to protect his highly erodible peanut soils, and he uses terraces and sodded waterways to prevent soil erosion.  He takes great pride in the fact that he will leave his operation in excellent condition when he passes it on to his family.

Since the mid-80's, Gary has annually provided land, equipment, seed, pesticides and other resources for OSU field demonstration and research plots.  These plots have been a tremendous aid to the growers of Bryan County.  In May of each year, the Extension Service holds the "Peanut Blowout" at Gary's farm. Topics which will be of interest in the upcoming season are discussed, and representatives from the chemical industry discuss products taht will be available from their company. More than 100 producers attend this event.  He has provided his shop building and grounds to host the SE Oklahoma Fall Peanut day since 1989.  He makes contacts and organizes equipment displays and other arrangements for the filed day each year and often makes calls to remind growers of the field day and other peanut educational activities.

Gary helped start the Texoma Crop Management Association in 1988 and has been very instrumental in its success.  He served as vice-president of TCMA from 1988 to 1993 and remains on the board of directors.  Gary has also been on the Oklahoma Peanut Growers Association board of directors since 1989 and has served as its secretary since 1990. He has made many trips with board members and others representing the interests of peanut growers inte h state and region, including meetings with the National Peanut Grower Group.