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PaSS Scholarships

PaSS Scholarships

Scholarship History Highlight

James A. Barker Scholarship in Plant and Soil Sciences

James Barker was a very successful breeder of Registered Duroc hogs and exhibited them all over the southwest. He had his own annual production sale and in 1928, he shipped 40 head by rail into 20 states. James was a very progressive individual, and had great respect for OSU and the Extension Services. He worked closely with Extension when it was being established, having his Extension agent teach him how to terrace his own fields. When his place was completed, his neighbors asked him to terrace their farms as well. James also developed his own variety of sweet potato, known as Tanhoma. The James A. Barker Scholarship was established in 2017 to be awarded with first preference given to a recipient who is a resident of the State of Oklahoma.

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