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2016 Graduate Student Handbook

Welcome to the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences programs for graduate education. Your time as a graduate student will be one of growth with a diverse range of learning opportunities placed before you. You are ultimately responsible for your path to professionalism, but the Plant and Soil Sciences faculty are here to help. As beginning professionals we encourage you to be involved with not only your research activities, but also with your fellow students and faculty colleagues. These networking opportunities and interactions will be some of the most valuable in your graduate career and beyond. Please don’t be shy, get to know both fellow students and the faculty. You are not alone. Enjoy the challenges and growth opportunities that lie ahead.

The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences offers graduate work leading to the Master of Science degree in Plant and Soil Sciences, the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Crop Science, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Crop Science Soil Science.  Within these three programs are the following areas of specialization:

Crop Physiology
Cropping Systems & Modeling
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Soil Chemistry
Soil Fertility &
Nutrient Management
Soil Microbiology
Soil Morphology and Genesis
Soil Physics
Sustainable Agriculture
Water and Waste Management
Weed Science


Graduate Assessment Paperwork

Graduate students nearing the end of their program need to make certain that their committee members and major advisor receive copies of the necessary assessment paperwork. Faculty members are responsible for returning the paperwork to Melanie Bayles (171 AGH).  If you have questions about the forms, please contact the Academic Program Coordinator, Melanie Bayles (


Professional Skills (2017) - to be completed by advisor


Oral Communication Form (2017) - to be completed by each committee member after seminar presentation


Thesis/Dissertation Writing (2017) - to be completed by committee

Core Knowledge (2017) - to be completed by committee

Graduating Student Information Form (2017) - to be completed by graduating student before graduation


Important Web Links

2017 Graduate Student Organization

2017 GSO Officers

Joao Bigatao - GPSGA representative, Vaughn Reed - GPSGA representative, Alimamy Fornah - President, Kody Leonard - Vice President, Emily Landoll - Treasurer, Dr. Jeff Edwards - Department Head, Jodie Crose - Secretary,  Gwen Wehmeyer - Student Advisor (not pictured), Dr. Shiping Deng - Advisor.


Meetings will be held in AGH 374 from 12:00-1:00pm (Thursday), October 26, 2017 and November 30, 2017.

GSO First Friday Breakfasts will be held in 374 AGH 7:30-9:30am, September 1, 2017, October 6, 2017, November 3, 2017, December 2, 2017.


GSO 2017 First Meeting

GSO 1st meeting GSO 1st meeting2

The Agenda was mainly to meet old and new students and to discuss upcoming activities such as; First Friday breakfast, giving back to the community (chili cook-off, national trash day), sporting activities, baking contest, invited speaker series, oral presentation contest etc. Free pizza and drinks were available.


November 2017 Softball Match - Pictures


November 2017 Baking Contest - Pictures