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2017 PaSS Research Symposium

This is a list of all other posters that were entered.

This is a list of all other posters that were entered.

All other posters that were entered in the 2017 PaSS Research Symposium

Undergraduate Research

Jonathan Lehman: Broadleaf weed control and crop response to Quelex in winter wheat


Graduate Research

Chia-Cheng Kan: A major gene for grain yield in winter wheat

Dylon Teeter: Evaluation of residual herbicide in soybean

Gwen Wehemeyer: Optimum pre-plant nitrogen in sorghum

Joao Antonangelo: Nutrient dynamics and phosphorus speciation in a highly weathered soil under long-term no-till system

Kundan Dhakal: Constructing gridded daily weather data for agro-hydrological applications

Patrick Curl: Seed growth dynamics of soybean experiencing drought stress

Pratishtha Poudel: Screening of the winter wheat “Buster” population for drought responsive traits


Poster including all posters that were presented at the symposium (pdf).

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped in the preparation. A million thanks to the students who took the lead in organizing the event. They are: Anna Zander, Melanie Gault, Darin Rotert, Andrew Baird,  Andrew Newton, Tucker Cogburn and Everett Hrbacek. Thanks also to all research mentors and to Vickie Brake for printing the posters.