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PaSS Trainings

PaSS Trainings - Quarterly Safety, Title IX, CITI RCR

New Employee Safety Training

2017 New Employee Safety Training Module

2017 New Employee Safety Training Quiz


When you select submit at the bottom of the quiz a copy will automatically be sent to your e-mail and my e-mail.

Quarterly Safety Training

Quarterly Safety Training - Please read special directions for each training.


2017 First Quarter Safety Training Module - Fire Extinguisher Training

2017 First Quarter Fire Extinguisher Quiz - Fire Extinguisher Quiz

Quiz Directions:

Press the Start Button.
Answer each question.
When you have completed the quiz a certificate with your score will appear.  Below the certificate there is a Mail icon  mail icon select this icon.

Put my e-mail ( on the To: space and Your e-mail on the From: space.
Select I’m not a robot.
When you select I'm not a robot a screen may or may not appear asking you to complete a task.  Just follow these instructions, this is to verify you are not a robot.
Press the SEND button.

This will complete your safety training.Thank you for your cooperation, Vickie Brake


Other Required Trainings

2017 Title VII and Title IX Training - (Required yearly training)

The Title VII and Title IX Training is a required yearly training. At the above link you will need to determine which training applies to you.  Please read all instructions.  When you have completed the training you must either email or mail a copy of your completion sheet to the following individuals:

Vickie Brake (264 AGH) –

Office of Equal Opportunity (408 Whitehurst) –

You may use a screen shot or picture from your phone. If you do not send the appropriate documentation to Vickie and the EEO office you will be asked to redo the training. Below is a sample of the screen that is required.


CITI RCR Training - (Required if paid from federal funds. Completion required before beginning work.)

Please see the two attached files for assistance in getting started with this training. If you have problems give me a call 744-9577 (Vickie Brake).

CITI Training Getting Started

CITI Screen by Screen Help