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Future Students

This selection is for students planning to attend OSU Plant and Soil Sciences.

A degree from the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences could put you on the path to developing a wheat variety that will be planted on millions of acres or helping hundreds of land owners in developing countries with  management plans to care for their land.  You could even return to your home town to improve the agricultural productivity of your community.  Regardless of what your career plans are, studying in the Plant and Soil Sciences Department will provide numerous opportunities for you to gain technical knowledge and experience, enhance your professional skills, and develop lifelong friendships.


The Plant and Soil Sciences Department awarded over $185,000 to 74 students at our 2017 scholarship banquet.  We anticipate making a similar number of awards in 2018.  Scholarship applications for current students will be available November 15, 2017.

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2016-17 Degree Sheets

With four different degree options, finding the perfect fit for you in the Plant & Soil Sciences Department is simple. We offer a comprehensive educational experience for undergraduate students who are interested in trying to solve some of the world’s most pressing needs with respect to food, feed, fiber and fuel.

Option Sheets

Agronomic Business Option (Major)

Students under this option will be equipped with scientific and practical agronomic background and will be provided with key business management and economic concepts vital to agribusiness success.

Crop Production and Management Option (BSAG) (Major)

This option is designed for students whose interest is in growing plants and who are passionate about achieving sustainable production of crops for food, feed, fiber and/or fuel.
Plant Biotechnology and Improvement Option (BSAG) (Major)

Students interested in crop breeding, plant biotechnology or working in a scientific laboratory should choose this option.
Soil and Water Resources Option (BSAG) (Major)

Students interested in applications of soil science in crop production, environmental and engineering concerns will be a good fit in this option.

Note: BSAG=Bachelor of Science in Agriculture


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