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Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
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About Us

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Agriculture touches every aspect of your life every day.  From the clothes you wear, to the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the air you breathe – agriculture is there.  And, at the heart of agriculture is plant and soil science.  Crop production, biotechnology, natural resources conservation, and biofuels are just a few of the critical areas of agriculture where we have very strong programs in teaching, research, and extension.

In the Oklahoma State University Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, our mission is to find the best ways to meet global demands for food, feed, fiber, and fuel while preserving and enhancing our soil and water resources.  We have a great family of faculty, staff, and students who take pride in our commitment to cause positive change in the world!  From the classroom to the field, we are working to develop systems that provide society’s most basic needs in a sustainable way.

The Plant and Soil Sciences Department at Oklahoma State University is an exciting place to study and work. Our faculty and staff are committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, research, and extension. We offer a comprehensive educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in trying to solve some of the world’s most pressing needs with respect to food, feed, fiber, and fuel.