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Service Units

Service Units- OCIA, OFSS, SWFAL


Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association Inc. - OCIA

2902 W 6th, Building 616 - 2nd Floor, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) is a non-profit association of seed producers and others interested in the production and distribution of high quality planting seed.

Roger Osburn
Executive Director
Phone: 405-744-7327
Fax: 405-372-8519

Rose Mary Posey
Senior Financial Assistant
Phone:  405-744-7108
Fax: 405-372-8519




Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks - OFSS

201 S Range Rd., Bldg 709A
Stillwater,OK, 74074

Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks serves as the exclusive agent for all breeder seed and other parent material distributed from the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station.

OFSS takes extreme care to ensure varieties are not reduced by genetic mixing in a grower's field or by mechanical mixture of seed at planting, harvest or conditioning of the seed stocks.

Fields used in the production of foundation seed are rouged each year to remove off-type plants and the process is often done under the supervision of the plant breeder responsible for developing the variety.


Jeff Wright

Coordinator, Productions & Operations, Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks, Oklahoma State University
201 S Range Rd., Bldg 709A
Stillwater,OK, 74074

Office 405-744-7741


Twitter: @OSU_OKfoundseed

Jill Minahan
Administrative Support Specialist II
Phone: 405-744-7741






Soil, Water, and Forage Analytical Laboratory - SWFALswfallab

Oklahoma State University, 045 Agriculture Hall,
Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory (SWFAL) was established by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service to provide high quality soil testing, plant analysis, animal waste and water tests for the State of Oklahoma and anyone who needs agricultural analytical services.



Barbara McCray
Data and Financial Management
Phone: 405-744-6630
Fax: 405-744-9575

Kendal Henderson
Lab Manager

Hailin Zhang, Professor
Lab Director