Woods, Bob 2015 PMA

Woods, Bob 2015 PMA

Bob Woods, 2016 Professional Master Agronomist, Dept of Plant and Soil Sciences

Bob Woods was an active member of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) team for over 30 years, from 1980 when he started as the Seminole County Extension Director to 2010 when he retired as the Northeast Area Agronomist. Mr. Woods served as the N.E. Area Agronomist for the majority of his career, where he made a significant impact on the region’s agricultural systems.


Mr. Woods’ extension programs were extremely diverse involving livestock, forage, and grain production. His work included projects in weed management, forage systems, livestock feeding strategies, soil fertility, and precision agriculture. He authored many papers and publications with titles such as “Money with Hay Opportunities in Hay Marketing”, “Bermudagrass Pasture Forage Production as Affected by Interseeded Legumes and Phosphorus Fertilization”, “Gra$$bak - A Forage Improvement Program”, and “Introducing a New Nitrogen Management Strategy to Northeast Oklahoma Producers”. During his tenure with OCES Mr. Woods authored over 1,000 Timely Topic Newsletters Articles.


Bob was very active in working with County Extension Educators to establish and maintain research test plots in their counties. Bob was instrumental in getting some “Fescue Suppression” test plots going in Mayes County from 1993 to 1997. Bob also was a major player in getting green seeker test plots started in many counties in the N.E. District. For example, in Ottawa County there is a producer that so truly believed in the green seeker program that he put all his wheat acreage (1,500 acres) in it and has maintained the program for the past 14 years.

Also in Ottawa County research was conducted on fertility rates in corn. Dr. Brian Arnall was involved in those test plots while he was completing his Ph.D. Bob was also instrumental in getting strip-till and ridge-till test plots going in Ottawa County.


Because of Bob, agronomic research and demonstration trials were revitalized in the N.E. District, wheat and soybean variety test plots that had been absent from the district for several years were re-established and are still maintained today.


While Bob was the N.E. District Agronomist at least six producers in the N.E. District were given the “Master Agronomist” award and most of their accomplishments were due to the leadership and involvement that Bob supplied.


Since retiring in July 2010, Mr. Woods has done some consulting, both privately and for the Soybean Association. He enjoyed the consulting, but now is just working for himself managing pastures and running a small stocker cattle operation (which he has done part time since 1981). The stocker enterprise has increased since he retired. He used to carry around 70-90 head a year but last fall he received and wintered 224. Bob still calls the stocker cattle his “bass boat.”