Sidwell, Raymond 2014 MPA

Sidwell, Raymond 2014 MPA

Ray served as the Sr. Station Manager for the 143 acre North Central Research Station located in the heart of wheat production country just west of Lahoma from June 1, 1980, until his passing in December of 2013. Thirty three years of Raymond’s meticulous management of the facility allowed major research efforts in the following areas including wheat breeding and variety development, soil-fertility, weed science, soybean varieties and cropping systems, grain sorghum variety trials, plant pathology and entomology.


As Station Manager, Raymond became an ambassador for the Agricultural Research and Extension efforts conducted at the North Central Research Station.  Known by wheat producers across the state as the “Annual Lahoma Wheat Tour”, Ray and the station hosted literally thousands of guests including Wheat Producers, Commodity group officials, Foreign Dignitaries, many National and State Legislators in addition to a full-compliment of Administrators from Higher Education and Research.


The North Central Research Station is a world class facility that is recognized by many in Research and Extension as the “Flagship” among the Oklahoma Research Stations because of its impact on Agriculture in the southern plains and the presentation and presence that it has for its visitors.  Under Ray’s watchful eye, the “Lahoma Station” has been a gem of information for both wheat producers and others involved in production agriculture, Research, and Extension, largely because of the effort Ray and his staff put into its maintenance as well as their ability to see where improvements could be made that would better serve all agricultural clientele.


Over the years, the Lahoma Research Station has grown to also host field days and tours related to Canola production, No-till crop production, crop water capture, conservation, and cover crop utilization, not to mention the countless visits by students, dignitaries and producers that have taken place on a day to day basis.


Raymond, his wife Brenda, and their children Bambi and Brady, are highly regarded members of the Agricultural and Ag Business Community in Oklahoma.  Locally, Raymond and his family are recognized by the farmer peers in their home community of Goltry as very progressive and proactive production agriculturists.  Ray implemented many practices that were backed by the research done at the North Central Research Station under his guidance into his own operation which in turn added credibility and adoptability of research done at the station by his farming neighbors in Alfalfa, Garfield, and Major Counties.