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2016 Master Agronomist

2016 Merlin Schantz MstrAgrnmstMerlin Schantz


Mr. Schantz is an agricultural producer who utilizes very diverse cropping systems. He is committed to family farming and has integrated his children and their spouses into his farm operations and management. Schantz Farms produces field crops such as cotton, wheat, peanuts, and sorghum. Horticultural crops such as peppers and canning crops including spinach, greens, turnips, and carrots have also been grown.

Mr. Schantz is a progressive, innovative, community minded and forward thinking agricultural producer. Nearly 15 years ago he left clean tillage behind and transitioned into a small grains cover cropping and strip tillage system to manage his row crop production. Center pivot irrigation systems are used in all irrigated fields. Farms in the area typically are sandy soils, have considerable topography and, as such, are highly erodible. His commitment to terracing to reduce water erosion and cover cropping to reduce wind erosion has resulted in extremely high crop yields while simultaneously very effectively conserving natural resources. For several decades, Mr. Schantz has also unselfishly provided a base for various demonstrations and applied research programs for many OSU Extension County Extension Educators and Specialists from several departments.