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2013 Master Agronomist

Joe and Nina Webb


2013 Joe Web MstrAgrnmst

Joe and Nina Webb operate a diversified farming operation in Texas County near Guymon. The operation includes both dry-land and irrigated production. Joe’s crop production system has included corn, wheat, grain sorghum, sunflowers, and bermudagrass in the past. He has also grazed stocker calves for both himself and feedlots in the area.

Joe has been important to extension and research efforts in the area. He has donated time, land, and equipment for many of these efforts. This year will be the 14th year Joe has had an irrigated corn performance trial located on his land. In the past he allowed for white wheat, double crop grain sorghum, and irrigated wheat trials that were grazed. This effort has been important to extension programing in the region.

2013 Nina Webb MstrAgrnmstJoe was also been instrumental in the research of Goodwell bermudagrass. OSU planted an irrigated circle of Goodwell and collected animal performance and how many months’ cattle could be grazed when interseeded with wheat. This data was instrumental in the release of Goodwell. Joe has also grown foundation wheat for Oklahoma Foundation Seed in the past.

Joe and Nina are very active in the community through their church activities at the United Methodist Church. They have also supported the local stock show through purchases at the belt buckle auction and animals at the sale following the stock show. Nina has been a member of the county FSA committee in the past.







Bob Howard

2013 Bob Howard MstrAgrnmst

Bob Howard was born in 1946 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma, in the southwest part of the state. Bob went to school at Friendship and Navajo schools and graduated from the first graduating class at Navajo School in 1964. Bob was very active in sports and other church and community activities.

Bob has lived and farmed in the Navajo area all his life except for the years he attended OSU (1965-1969 and 1972-1973) and served in the Army doing a tour in Vietnam 1970-1971.

Bob operates a wheat and cattle farm in the Navajo area along the North Fork of the Red River. The farm consists mostly of wheat, improved Bermuda grass, and native grasses. Bob runs stockers and cow-calf on the wheat and grasses. Several years ago he began clearing mesquite-infested pastureland with a bulldozer, then terracing and redoing water ways. That land was sowed to wheat for a minimum of three years then sprigged to Bermuda grass.

Bob has installed pipe drops in large reserve levees on the two large creeks that pass through the farm. This, along with no-til for six years, has helped control most of the erosion on the farm.
Bob started applying liquid fertilizer in the row as he sowed wheat in 1979. With the improvements in the no-til drills this has become a very good way to place phosphorous in the Bermuda grass as it is overseeded for winter and spring grazing.

Bob has cooperated with the Jackson County OSU Extension to have wheat variety plots, grass control plots, green-seeker demonstrations, and other field day demonstrations and tours for various herbicides and controls.

Bob and his wife, Renee, are very active in Jackson County and Southwest Oklahoma where Bob served as District 1 County Commissioner for several years and Renee is currently serving as Jackson County Treasurer. Both are very active in the First United Methodist Church in Altus where Bob has served on most all committees to include Chairman of the Board. Bob taught Vo-Ag for six years, was Southwest District Vice President for the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, served as District 4 Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association, serves on the Jackson County Farm Bureau Board and Jackson County Memorial Hospital Board.