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2007 Master Agronomist

Brent Rendall

Brent Rendell of Ottawa County is a man who has been actively involved in farming and ranching his whole life. His great-grandfather started farming in Ottawa County in the late3 1800's and his grandfather and father continued with the operation. Brent and his father Mark are now working together.

Brent graduated from Miami High School in 1982 and went on to Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in Mechanical engineering.  He graduated from OSU in 1986 and then went on active duty with the United States Navy. He is still serving in the Navel Reserves with a rank of Commander. He returned to the family farm near Miami, OK in 1997 and has been an active partner of the total operation ever since. Rendell Farms have approximately 2000 acres of wheat, corn, grain sorghum and soybeans. Brent even tried canola for two years in 97 and 98.

Brent has a strong commitment to Agriculture. He has served on numerous local, county and state committees and boards. He is presently a member of the Ottawa County Program Advisory Committee and the Oklahoma Soybean Board. Brent also served on the board of directors for the Miami Coop and was a member of the Ag Leadership class XII from 2004-2006. In 2004 Brent and his wife were selected for the Dupont Young Leader Award.

Brent is always looking for ways to improve production and reduce cost. He is a true believer in soil testing and runs tests on a regular basis. The Rendells are also believers in no-till and use it as part of their tillage practices,. Brent has also been a strong supporter of OSU Extension programs. He has provided land, labor, and equipment for research conducted in Ottawa County. Since 2004, Brent has had GreenSeeker test plots dealing with corn and wheat. In 2005m he had N-Rich strips in 35 different wheat fields consisting of 1500 acres.  In the fall of 2006, Brent again put N-Rich strips in all of his wheat fields.  It only took the fall and spring of 2004-2005 for Brent to become a believer in what this new technology can do for him. This past spring after taking readings in his wheat with the GreenSeeker device and then comparing results from the I-Pod to the results from the N-Rich web site, Brent noticed a discrepancy. After working through programs several times he contacted Dr. randy Taylor and the problem was corrected. He understood that this was new technology and the glitches would occur. Those glitches did not deter him one bit. He still believes in the system and is promoting it strongly to other producers.

Brent is presently building a sprayer similar to the one OSU Ag Engineers built to put out N-Ramps. He plans on putting ramps in all of his corn fields this spring. Do not be surprised if Brent purchases his own GreenSeeker unit next year.

This past fall Brent also let Dr. Chad Godsey put a canola variety test plot on a piece of his land. He is still interested in canola production if many of the problems he experienced in 97 and 98 have been worked out, and if it can compete with wheat for profit per acre. This spring Dr. Randy Taylor also put in some strip till plots to compare strip till to no-till and conventional till corn.

Brent and his wife Jera have one daughter and two sons.



Alan Mindemann

Alan Mindemann was raised in Apache, OK area. He is a fourth generation farmer and the son of Alton and Christine Mindemann.

Alan is on of the clear leaders of no-till farming in Oklahoma. He has been actively no-till farming for over 10 years with excellent success. He farms 900 acres of his own cropland, manages and consults on several thousand acres of cropland in no-till rotations for others. He is an ardent conservationist doing everything possible to prevent soil erosion while improving soil structure and organic matter on the farms under his care. The crops he farms include wheat (including wheat seed production), cotton, corn, alfalfa, grain sorghum, canola, and cover crops.

Alan is a recognized and respected leader in agronomy. Farmers in the area rely heavily on Alan for help with their farming operations which often turns to a discussion of no-till. Alan has been very generous in sharing his knowledge by speaking about his no-till operation at various meetings and conferences not only in Oklahoma, but in other states as well. He has been a featured speaker for the past 3 years at the "No-Till on the Plains Conference, Salina, KS and a frequent speaker at numerous Technology Centers and Conservation Districts throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Alan has been a Certified Crop Advisor since 2000, a member of Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and participated in the OSU Okanola program. He has also been one of the first producers in the state to pick up GreenSeeker Sensor-Based Nitrogen Management (SBNM) Program for determining top-dress nitrogen rates in wheat. He has used his expertise with the SBNM tool to make nitrogen recommendations to other wheat producers in his area. Alan custom plants no-till crops with his planting equipment in southwest Oklahoma for several producers.