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2004 Master Agronomist

Kenneth A. Rose

2004 Kenneth A. Rose Master Agronomist

Ken Rose is a very innovative farmer who has strived to keep his family farm running efficiently. Ken has brought the knowledge he received from Southern Nazarene University where he received his B.S. degree and Kansas University where he received his Masters in Organic Chemistry back to his farm. He has willingly shared this knowledge with neighboring farmers and friends.

Ken's farm consists of approximately 7,000 acres of farm and grassland. He raises grain sorghum, wheat, and runs a cow/calf operation. The past few years he has experimented growing dry land corn and sunflowers. Ken recognizes the importance of crop rotation to minimize weed competition, reduce chemical usage, and to conserve soil and moisture. He is faithful with soil testing and proper placement of nutrients for better crops.Since the early 1908's, Ken has also used reduced and no-till farming methods on his farm and has given presentations to various farm groups on the benefits of minimum till, chemical fallow, and crop rotation.

Ken's unselfish qualities are shown by the time he has taken cooperation with the various organizations he is in. He He is a member of the Oklahoma Grain Sorghum Association where he has served as president. He also serves the National Grain Sorghum Board where he has filled various offices and has been chosen as the newly elected president.  He has served on the Cimarron County Conservation District Board for the past ten years. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the First State Bank of Boise City, and serves on the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture CAFO rules committee. Through his association with the Grain Sorghum producers, Ken has lobbied on behalf of producers in Oklahoma City and Washington, D.C., and has had the opportunity to testify before both the State and U.S. House of Agricultural Committees in efforts to obtain better research funding for agriculture and for increased incentives for ethanol production.

Ken is an active member of the Nazarene Church of Elkhart, Kansas, where he has served on the board for the past 23 years. Ken and his wife Norma, live on the family farm northeast of Keyes, Oklahoma and they have two daughters.