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2003 Master Agronomist

Jack Chapman

by James Shrefler

Jack Chapman operates a 2000 acre Farm/Ranch at Calvin, OK in Hughes county. He is a
graduate of Oklahoma State University where he majored in, Agricultural Economics. He was
employed by Farm Credit Services for 28 years. He and his wife, Beverlv, are active supporters of
various community programs and interests. The Chapmans operate a diversified farm that has
included cow/calf and stocker livestock components and pasture, hay, row crops, rye and

Jack will quickly impress you as being not just a keen farm manager but as a man who isconcerned for the needs of all farmers in the community. In discussing agricultural issues, hetalks not in terms of what the needs of his farm are but in terms of what the needs of the farmerare. His commitment to the agricultural community is further exemplified in his service to organizations such as the Hughes Country Peanut Grower's Association, Calvin Livestock Boosters, and Oklahoma Cattleman's Association.

The first thing Jack may ask after one exchanges greetings with him is "what's new?" He is
always interested in hearing about new ideas that might be beneficial to the farm operation. To
this end he has cooperated with various research and demonstration efforts. Although he no
longer produces peanuts, these were formerly an important part of his operation. He cooperated
with Oklahoma State University Extension programs on demonstrations of disease control
technology for this crop. He has also cooperated with research and demonstration plots that
evaluated grass for protein.

Livestock and peanuts have been the main bread and butter for the Chapman farm. However,
there has also been interest at considering alternative crops. Hughes County peanut lands are well suited to watermelon production and Jack will often have a few acres of these. He has also cooperated with efforts to evaluate dry bulb onions as an alternative crop for the area.

A great concern of Jack's is the preservation of agricultural resources and making the community. a pleasant place to live. His farming practices are planned to keep soil conservation in the forefront. One practice he has used on the farm is to grow minimum-till sovbeans following the harvest of rye grown for seed. His dedication to a clean community is exemplified in his contribution of serving on the Hughes County Solid Waste Management Board.

Jack has been a strong supporter of the future of agriculture through his participation in a variety
of Oklahoma Cooperative Extension and related programs. He has served the Hughes County
Extension Program as a member of the Advisory Committee. He has served as the Beef
Superintendent of the Hughes County Livestock Committee. He has been a sponsor of 4-H
Speech contests and of Junior Livestock Shows. He has served as a member of the Hughes
County Fair Board.

Jack Chapman has been recognized for several aspects of his dedication and professionalism as an agriculturalist. He was awarded the Degree of Honorary State Farmer by the State Future
Farmers of America, the Farm Bureau's 25 Year Service Award, and the Hughes County Conservation District Award.


2003 Greg Leonard Master AgronomistGreg Leonard

by Stan Fimple

Greg is always looking at ways to improve production and reduce cost. He is a true believer in soil testing and follows OSU guidelines. He was one of the first to use no-till in N.E. Oklahoma and is constantly looking for ways to improve on it.

Greg began his farm and ranch operation in 1986. This was after spending 4 years as a Farm  Business Management Instructor at the Northeast Area Vo-Tech School in Afton. From 1987 to 1995 Greg also worked as the Farm Manager for a local producer. Greg'soperations consist of 2200 acres of wheat, corn, grain sorghum, and food grade soybeans.Greg also assists other producers by planting and/or harvesting about 1500 acres.

Greg has also been 2 strong supporter of OSU Extension programs. He has provided land, labor and equipment for research conducted in Ottawa County. This past year OSU had test plots on Gregg's land that consisted of weed control in cotton and soybeans, and also had a fertilizer demonstration on wheat dealing with the new Greenseeker Technology. Thisis spring Greg will plant a corn test plot with nitrogen rich strip to look at the Greenseeker technology.

Greg has a strong commitment to the  Agriculture area. He serves on numerous local, county, state, and national committees and boards. He is presently a member of the Ottawa County Program Advisory Committee, Chairman of the Ottawa County FSA Committee, President of the Ottawa County Farm Bureau, District Director of the Oklahoma Soybean Association, and Vice-President and Chairman of the membership committee for the National Soybean Association. As a membet of these boards Greg is constantly visiting with legislators on the State and National level seeking financing for Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Greg was also a member of the Oklahoma, Ag Leadership Class from 1989-1991.

Greg graduated from Holdenville High School in 1978 and received his B. S. degree in
Ag Economics from OSU in 1983. He married Mary Sellmeyer, from the Afton area, and
they have two children.