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2000 Master Agronomist

Johnnie Bert "J.B." Stewart

J. B. Stewart began his farm and ranch operation in 1969 near Keyes, OK after graduating from Panhandle State University with a degree in Chemistry. He grew up helping his father with the family farm that was started in 1914. J. B. is a fourth generation farmer.  He continues the family farming tradition as he has instilled a love for the land and agriculture in each of his three children.

J. B. is always looking for ways to improve agricultural practices. He primarily grows wheat, grain sorghum, corn, and soybeans in not-till rotations.  He is continually looking for methods that might increase profit potential for area farmers and himself. Therefore, he has experimented with other crops in the Oklahoma Panhandle region such as mung beans, winter canola, black-eye peas, garbonzo beans, and Australian winter field peas. In addition to looking at new crops, J. B. also looks for ways to improve current crops.  He stays informed about the latest wheat varieties from Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M. He annually puts up seed wheat. He is an Asgrow Seed dealer and has extensive knowledge on many grain sorghum and corn hybrids. He is a cooperator with OSU Extension and has test plots of dryland grain sorghum each year. In addition to providing the land, he also supplies labor and equipment for the test plots. He often invites groups such as the Oklahoma Ag Leadership classes and different production groups to tour his test plots and facilities. J. B. is also very environmentally conscious.  He experiments with low volume organic fertilizers and low rates of chemical pesticides. His chemistry degree provides him with a different knowledge base than most of his peers. Other farmers look to him for advice. In addition to the 5,000 plus acres J. B. farms, and the numerous acres of custom work, his is also a partner in the Boise City Feed Yard, a 10,000 head custom cattle feedlot; Sunrise Farms a 2,000 head dairy operation; CimCo Beef, a 2,700 acre irrigated farm; and Lock J Services, a grain and fertilizer transportation company.

J.B. has received numerous acknowledgments and awards for his countless efforts given to agriculture and his community.  He received the Distinguished Contributor Award from Oklahoma Panhandle State University and Friends of Extension Award from the OSU State Extension Council. He also serves as a board member at the Oklahoma Panhandle Research and Extension Center at Goodwell, an advisory council to OSU. He served on the Keyes School Board for 15 years, many of them as president. He currently serves on the Cimarron County Farm Service Agency Committee, and has for 15 years, as well as the Oklahoma Grain & Sorghum Commission. J. B. and his wife Carol have three children.



Henry Jo Von Tungeln

Henry Jo began his farming career over 50 years ago on the family farm. After graduating from El Reno high school, he began farming full time in partnership with his father, except for two years he spent in the army. He has devoted his life to agriculture as a participant in the process of farming, as well as a contributor to the progress of the industry at the local, state, national, and international level.

Henry Jo, his wife Donna and their two sons, David and Daniel own and farm 1040 acres near Calumet, Oklahoma. David and Daniel rent an additional 1280 acres and raise wheat, alfalfa, soybeans, and cattle.  They routinely soil test, plant recommended varieties, use university approved production practices and practice good soil stewardship by using conservation practices that help insure the sustainability of their farming operation. Henry played a key role in the USDA's decision to strengthen the agriculture research program at their laboratory at F. Reno and is often consulted by researchers at OSU and USDA. He is recognized as a sound source of information by neighboring farmers and ranchers.

One of the greatest contribution Henry Jo and his family have made is in the area of international relations. They have hosted hundreds of people from all over the world on behalf of the Wheat Commission, the Chamber of Commerce, the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, OSU, KSU, the State Legislature and the Governor's office. Notable guests have included the Ag. Ambassador of Israel and the Republic of China. Another of Henry Jo's family projects is bread making and he and his bread are famous worldwide. They use over three tons of flour each year, baking bread for guests, church events, schools, trade shows, state legislators and anyone else who asks. This is all done to promote agriculture and Oklahoma wheat. His family operations have been featured in John Deere's "The furrow" magazine. The Oklahoman newspaper, and he and his grandchildren are featured o the cover of the Wheat Commission cookbook "A Family Tradition".

He was one of the organizers of the Junior Farm Bureau in Canadian County and served as Farm Bureau State President and has been the Canadian County President for over 40 years. He served a President of the Rural Development Council, and serves on the County Fair Board and the Excise/Equalization Board.  He was appointed to the State Board of Arbitration by Governor Bellmon and the Oklahoma Wheat Commission in 1988. Governor's Walters and Keating reappointed him in 1993 and 1998. Nationally, he held the office of Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President of the U.S. Wheat Association Board, representing 15 offices globally.  He is also on the Agriculture Advisory Committee for Senator Don NIckles. He has traveled to Europe, Africa, South, and Central America, Canada and Mexico on behalf of American's wheat farmers in the promotion of wheat and wheat trade. He accompanied Governor Walters on a good-will trip to Israel, and has been appointed by the American Farm Bureau to serve on the U.S.-Canada Trade relations Committee.  The Von Tungeln's have received numerous honors and awards, most notably the Canadian Co. Farm Bureau,Farm Family of the the YUear, Runner-up State Farm Familty of the Year, and WKY Farm Family of the Month. Henry Jo has devoted his live to serving others.