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1995 Master Agronomist

Hollis Dickey

Hollis began his farm and ranch operation on family land that was settled in 1903. Today he has a very active wheat and cattle operation on his 1300 acres near Waurika, Oklahoma. Hollis can best be described as a true leader, dedicated volunteer and strong supporter of OSU Extension Programs, he provides land, labor, and equipment for research conducted in Southern Oklahoma. Hollis makes every effort to update his knowledge on the latest improvements in agronomic and animal science practices using the latest information on pasture management, improved grass varieties, pasture rotation, soil fertility and weed control. The Dickey farm has been host to wheat variety, low-till wheat plots, and wheat planting depth, lime, and soil compaction studies. He has hosted wheat producer meetings, pecan grafting schools and conducted on-farm small grain, grazing trials with county and area extension personnel. Through his participation, many producers are planting new varieties that are increasing their beef and grain production from small grains.

He has a strong commitment to the community. He serves on numerous local, county and area committees and boards, including the Jefferson Co. Extension Program Planning Advisory Committee. He has given a lifetime to county government having served on the Jefferson Co. Excise Board for over 30 years. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Ringling State Bank for over 14 years and now serves on the Executive Board of the Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments. He works diligently with legislators seeking financing for Oklahoma Agricultural Extension.

Aside from the auctioneer business which Hollis was in for over 36 years, his greatest interest is in youth and volunteer work for non-profit organizations. He has donated countless hours and considerable resources to many of his special interests including serving as advisor and auctioneer for the North Texas Rehabilitation Center For Crippled Children for 23 years. He has also served 28 years as an auctioneer for the Wichita Falls Jaycees Junior District Beef livestock Show, and for the 4-H and FFA Junior Livestock Show in Jefferson Co. since 1949.

For his time and dedication to others, Hollis has received many honors and recognition. Some of his most cherished awards were the l98l - Honorary State Farmer Award, the 1982 - Soil Conservationist of the Year Award, the 1988 - Ardmore Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award for 4-H and FFA of Southern Oklahoma, and the 1988 - Friend of Extension Award from the OSU State Extension Council.

Hollis is an active menber and Sunday School teacher in the Claypool Church, which was built by his father in 1936. He and his wife Betty have two daughters and four grandchildren.


Ronald J. Overstreet

In the far westem part of the Oklahoma Panhandle where the climate can be very harsh, it takes adedicated hard working individual with a pioneering spirit to not only survive. but to carve out a good life for himself and his family. Ron Overstreet is such an individual. Ron and his wife Peggy have amassed a very diverse farm and ranch operation consisting of nearly 4000 acres of mostly irrigated land near Boise City, OK. They also own and operate a 10,000 head feedlot and have recently entered into a joint venture on a 2000 head dairy.

Ron is a solid businessman. Who credits much of his success to his undergraduate education in business administration from Panhandle State University and his business education/accounting master's degree from Oklahoma State University. For several years after college he taught at PSI I and Northwesten State University. He gained a great deal of experience working as an auditor for Peat Marwick and Mitchell & Co., and later for the Ford Co. KS. Feed Yard, before starting the Boise City Feed Yard and associated farming operations.

Mr. Overstreet is a true supporter of Oklahoma Slate University and a strong voice in the Oklahoma Panhandle. He regularly attends OSU meetings, tours, and field days. Much of OSU's support in the Panhandle from the private sector, agribusiness, and local legislators has been the result of his efforts. This has allowed OSU to reach a new and expanded agreement with OPSU that greatly increases the land area for research and extension activities. Ron was directly responsible for acquiring a large cash investment for the Panhandle Research and Extension Carter from the Panhandle Oklahoma Development (POD) group. His relationship with local legislators was pivotal in a 576,000 appropriation from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. In many instances, he has personally solicited the involvement of regional, agribusiness, and industry leaders in OSU's research.

He is a leader in promoting the development of new and better farming methods. To insure this happens, he generously gives land, water, equipment labor, and finances for numerous field demonstrations and research plots, especially ones on non-traditional crops such as wheatgrass, bromegrass, blackeyed peas, garbanzo and pinto beans, and chickpeas. He has also been involved in several cropping system and irrigation studies designed to improve the efficiency of farming operations. He also encourages value-added companies to locate in the panhandle to help enhance the value of agronomic products grown in the area.

The Cimarron Co. Cattlemen's Association, Cimarron Co. Program Planning and Advisory Council,Oklahoma Panhandle Research and Extension Center Advisory Committee, Boise City and Northwest Oklahoma Chambers of Commerce, POD and numerous other farm civic and community organizations have all benefited from Ron's contributions and leadership in recent years. He has received many honors and awards for his tireless efforts to promote agriculture and OSU in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

The Overstreet's have three children, All are active 4-H members.

* For several years, BCFY supplied rhe steaks for the Agronomy Club's spring pioric.