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1991 Master Agronomist

1991 Master Agronomist Kenneth Boggs and Hazen (Earl) Marshall

Kenneth Boggs

Kenneth Boggs has been very active in several areas of agronomic research and production. Kenneth has a special interest for alfalfa research and education, not only on the county basis but also on an area and a state-wide level. He currently has a study originated in 1987 in cooperation with several State Extension specialists. Kenneth has hosted several tours of ag leaders and producers interested in southwest Oklahoma agriculture.

Because of his interest in the improvement of agricultural crops, he has worked closely with the Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association as an executive committee member and with OSU Extension to provide area farmers with top quality wheat and alfalfa seed.

Kenneth has served as Washita county Alfalfa Hay Association president since its establishment in 1985and has served on the State Alfalfa Hay Association board of directors. He demonstrates a rear interest in the total alfalfa industry and in his fellow hay producers. This is demonstrated by helping to secure the State Alfalfa Hay show in Washita County for 1991 and 1992.

He has worked with chemical companies to test new products and procedures on wheat to see if they are workable for this part of the state.

Kenneth is an individual who has worked closely with county and area extension staff to provide research and educational materials to the area, by providing wheat variety test plots for several years. He also provided land for Dr. smith's "Wheat Breeding in Advanced Strain Research" for Western Oklahoma for several years.

Not only does Kenneth work closely with OSU in research and demonstration plots, but he learns well and converts this knowledge into excellent alfalfa production practices. In 1990 this was demonstrated with his numerous prize winning entries in the State Alfalfa Hay show. He then donated his cash prizes to the Oklahoma Alfalfa Research Fund.



Hazen E. (Earl) Marshall

Earl has always been a very innovative farmer who is totally unselfish. He not only strives to keep up with the very latest in production technology, but shares his knowledge with all he can. Mr. Marshall and his wife Bea own and operate a 1,000 acre wheat-stocker operation two miles east of Hennessey. While operating this farm, they have raised three children, who have each moved on to successful leadership roles.

Earl's unselfishness is shown by the time and sacrifice he has made to cooperate with OSU by providing land, labor and equipment for countless research and demonstration plots. In 1990-91, there are at least three detailed research studies on his farm and probably nobody except Earl knows how many demonstrations. Some of the demonstrations are Earl's own design while others were requested by OSU or private chemical companies. Neighbors have been known to kid Earl about having a research station on his farm, while others ask whether he has an acre which is not part of some experiment.

In a attempt to obtain more precise application of pesticides and fertilizers, Earl purchased a spray coupe some ten years ago. He now owns two spray coupes modified specifically for his purposes to better serve his and his neighbor's needs. His ability and willingness to share ideas on proper chemical choice, timing and placement has been a guiding Iight for many in his community.

Kingfisher County Wheat Growers and Cattlemens Associations as well as the Kingfisher Program Planning and Advisory Council have benefited from Earl's contributions and leadership in recent years. In addition he has been active in the Oklahoma Wheat Growers and Oklahoma Fertilizer and Chemical Associations. He is recognized as a church and civic leader.