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1989 Master Agronomist

1989 Master Agronomist Ronnie Muncrief and Clarence Baden

Clarence Baden

Clarence Baden was born in 1922 in the western part of Kiowa County near Roosevelt, Oklahoma. Clarence has been a part of that community ever since. For over 50 years he has been actively involved in farming and ranching. His operation consists of 700 acres of wheat, 300 acres of cotton, and 1,000 acres of haygrazer, bermudagrass, and rangeland.

Clarence has been actively involved with demonstration work in cooperation with the OSU Agronomy Department and Extension personnel. Since 1976, he has furnished land, equipment, and labor for cotton, wheat and agricultural chemical demonstrations.

Agriculture activities also include membership in ASCS and SCS committees for over 20 years plus active participation on two local cooperative gin boards, Con 8 and Hobart. He is also a member of the Kiowa County Cattlemen I s Association.

Clarence and his wife, Juanlta, are very active members of the First Lutheran Church in Hobart, are active in civic endeavors, and tremendously supportive of OSU endeavors in the community.

The Baden operation exhibits the best and most current aspects of soil conservation, with proper
terraclng and grasses on erodable 1and. Soil is tested routinley, quality seed is used and, in general, state of-the-art agronomy technology is employed.

Mr. Baden is a tremendous asset to OSU Agronomy programs and the community in which he resldes.



Ronnie Muncrief

1989 Ronnie Muncrief MstrAgrnmstRonnie Muncrief has been farming in Marshall County since his high school graduation in 1962. He and his wife (Kay) began farming 40 acres of cotton and grain sorghum using borrowed equipment. His first tractor was purchased in 1966 when he added 16 acres of peanuts to the farming operation. About the same time, he started a small herd of beef cattle and hauled hay for a dairy farm. The dairy paid him in baby calves which he bottle raised.

Today, Ronnie, Kay, and their children, manage a diversified farming and ranching operation which includes over 2,000 acres of owned and leased land. Their crops include both irrigated and
dryland peanuts, corn, cotton, grain sorghum, wheat, oats, and alfalfa hay. A beef cow herd is grazed on well managed bermudagrass pastures. calves are retained after weaning and wintered on home grown grains.

Over the years, the Muncrieft's have added the needed machinery to the farming operation. They have cleared brush ln their better bottomland soils and planted alfalfa and sprigged bermudagrass. Ronnie utilizes crop rotation and cover crops in his farming operation to increase yields and protect the soils from erosion. He has developed stock and irrigation ponds for his livestock and row crops.

Ronnie has cooperated with OSU Extension personnel slnce 1980 by furnishing land for peanut variety rests, fungicide tests, and weed control studies. He and Kay have been strong supporters of the 4-H program in Marshall County. He is active in many organizations and this year is a finalist for Farmer Stockmans "Farmer of the Year" Award.