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William R. Raun

Raun, William R., information page

Raun, BillWilliam R. Raun, Regents Professor
Walter R. Sitlington Chair in Agriculture
Precision Agriculture/Soil Science

Oklahoma State University
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
371 Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-6028
Office Location: 044 Agricultural Hall
Phone Number: 405-744-6418
FAX Number: 405-744-0354


Project leader in nutrient management. Annually have 10 graduate students working in a variety of precision agriculture research projects. New work includes the development of pocket sensors, alternative planters for third world farmers, by-plant N fertilization equipment and algorithms, international collaboration with CIMMYT on a variety of projects, and improved nitrogen use efficiency in crops worldwide. Teaching includes “Soil Plant Nutrient Cycling and Environmental Quality SOIL 5813, Research Methods, SOIL 5111, and Precision Agriculture, SOIL 4213.”


PhD: Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1985

MS: Agronomy, Agronomy Department, Oklahoma State University, 1982

BS: Agronomy, Agronomy Department, Oklahoma State University, 1979

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