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Canola Update 4/23/16
SUNUP travels to Cotton County for an update on the canola crop from Josh Lofton, cropping systems specialist.
Planning for Summer Crops 4/9/16
Josh Lofton talks about summer crop options across Oklahoma and what producers may do to prepare for them.
Canola Update with Josh Lofton 4/2/16
Josh Lofton explains how much freeze damage a canola crop can handle.
Wheat Update with Jeff Edwards 4/2/16
Jeff Edwards has an update on the wheat crop, then Bob Hunger says stripe rust has become more prevalent in wheat and has advice for controlling it.
Canola Crop Update 2/27/16
Josh Lofton explains what canola producers should scout for in their fields. He also has information about the upcoming No-Till Oklahoma Conference in Norman.
2016 No-Till Conference Reminder 2/13/16
Brian Arnall has a reminder about the 2016 No-Till Oklahoma Conference.
Stardust: Oklahoma's New White Wheat 2/13/16
Brett Carver, OKSTATE wheat geneticist, announces the latest wheat variety released by Oklahoma State University.
Wheat Update & First Hollow Stem 2/13/16
Jeff Edwards shows us how to identify the stage in the growing cycle when wheat reaches first hollow stem. He also warns producers about stripe rust appearing in the state.
Applying Top Dress To Wheat and Canola 1/30/16
Brian Arnall reminds us that producers should be thinking about top dress applications. He also as special advice for canola growers.
Drones: Are they for Agriculture? 11/7/2015
SUNUP takes to the sky to learn about UAV’s for agriculture and other uses from Brian Arnall.
Canola: The Freeze is Coming 11/7/2015
Josh Lofton has an update on the 2015 Oklahoma canola crop.
Soil Compaction 11/14/2015
Jason Warren demonstrates how to prevent soil compaction in new no-till fields.
Wheat Update 11/14/2015
Dr. Jeff Edwards has advice for Oklahoma wheat producers lading into the winter months

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