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Canola and Wheat Planting (9/24/16)
We start with an update on winter crop planting with Josh Lofton.
Winter Wheat Planting 9/24/16
Winter crop planting with David Marburger.
Summer Crops - Soybeans 8/20/16
Josh Lofton has the final summer crop in his series, soybeans.
Preparing for Canola Planting 8/20/16
SUNUP kicks off our fair series with a trip to the Ottawa County Fair in Miami. Then, we talk about canola planting preparation with Josh Lofton.
Summer Crop: Sesame 8-13-2016
Josh Lofton focuses on sesame, as he continues his rundown of summer crops.
Planning For The 2017 Wheat Crop 8/6/16
David Marburger shares where some wheat varieties performed best in the state and has advice for producers planning to graze cattle on wheat.
Canola College Reminder 7/30/16
Josh Lofton has information about next week’s Winter Canola Schools.
Summer Crops: Sorghum 7/30/16
Josh Lofton looks at how sorghum can fit into a summer cropping program.
Is Your Soil Ready For Winter Crop? 7/30/16
Brian Arnall shares research about soil nutrition ahead of wheat planting.
Summer Crops: Corn. Is it a fit for Oklahoma? 7/23/16
Josh Lofton explains how corn can fit into your cropping system.
Wheat Harvest: Update 7/2/16
SUNUP is checking with David Marburger for a harvest recap and early results from the OSU Wheat Improvement Team’s research variety trials
Double Crop Update 6/25/16
Double Crop Update (6/25/16)
Wheat Harvest Update 6/18/16
Wheat Harvest Update 6/18/16
Soil Test Following Wheat 6/11/16
Brian Arnall examines why a soil test is important after harvest.
Canola and Double Cropping 6/11/16
Josh Lofton talks about the outcome of canola harvest. He also offers options and production advice for those planting double crops in canola and wheat fields.
Lahoma 2016: Soil 6/4/16
Jason Warren demonstrates soil health following a no-till system using cover crops.
Lahoma 2016: Soil Fertility 6/4/16
Brian Arnall talks about the future of soil nutrition in Oklahoma at the North Central Research Station in Lahoma.
Lahoma 2016: Wheat Disease Pressure 5/28/16
SUNUP gets a report on the overall progress of the Oklahoma wheat crop from DASNR’s new Extension Small Grains Specialist David Marburger.
Lahoma 2016: Canola Varieties 5/21/16
Josh Lofton looks at which canola varieties performed the best this year.
Lahoma 2016: Future Wheat Varieties 5/21/16
Brett Carver explores the traits of future wheat varieties that the OSU Wheat Improvement Team is currently researching.
Lahoma 2016: Wheat Variety Performance 5/21/16
SUNUP comes to you from the North Central Research Station wheat field day near Lahoma. We start with an update on wheat varieties with Jeff Edwards.
Canola Update 5/14/16
Josh Lofton demonstrates how canola producers can check color change on the main raceme of the plant.
Lahoma Field Day Preview Tour/Sidwell Building 5/7/16
Jeff Edwards has a preview of next week’s wheat tour at the North Central Research Station at Lahoma, and the dedication of the Raymond Sidwell Research Facility.
Wheat Update 4/30/16
Jeff Edwards has an update on the wheat crop across Oklahoma.
Why are Field Tours Important 4/23/16
Southwest Area Agronomist Heath Sanders looks at why canola tours are a great opportunity for producers to learn about the crop.

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