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How does CEC help your seed? 1/20/18
Soil Nutrition Specialist Brian Arnall, explains how plants benefit from the soil’s cation exchange capacity, or CEC.
Recertification for herbicide application 1/20/18
Oklahoma State’s Summer Crop Weed Specialist, Todd Baughman, has details on new pesticide labels that require retraining and certification.
The science behind nutrient mobility 1/13/18
Brian Arnall explains the +’s (positive charge) and –‘s (negative charge) of nutrient interactions with the soil.
Thinking about topdress? 1/6/18
Brian Arnall says producers should be planning their topdress options now, but wait for a good rain before application.
Can you find your canola plants? 1/6/18
Josh Lofton has an update on the canola crop. He also talks about the upcoming Sorghum Conference, Canola College and No-Till Conference.
Red River Crops Conference Reminder 1/6/18
Randy Boman has information about the upcoming Red River Crops Conference.

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