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The Basics of Wicking 7/20/19
Alex Rocateli demonstrates how the practice of wicking is a more efficient way to control johnsongrass. Misha Manuchehri explains why wicking is a better use of herbicides
Irrigation Efficiency Research in the Oklahoma Panhandle 7/13/19
We travel to the Panhandle to meet with OSU Extension Soil & Water Conservation Specialist Jason Warren and discuss irrigation efficiency technology.
Summer Crop Update 7/13/19
Josh Lofton talks about signs of heat stress in summer crops and which insects to scout for in fields.
Is burning wheat stubble a good idea? 6/22/19
John Weir explains the importance of conducting the burn correctly, Jason Warren talks about the impacts of burning stubble and soil conservation, while Brian Arnall has information on soil nutrition following burnt stubble.
Bermudagrass - Grazing vs Haying 6/22/19
Alex Rocateli explains the differences between Bermudagrass intended for grazing and haying. He also has information about the upcoming Summer Forage Field Day in Chickasha.
Managing your septic system after flooding 6/1/19
Sergio Abit has advice for folks with septic systems in flooded areas.
Crop Update 6/22/19
Josh Lofton has an update on harvest of winter crops and says it’s time to start scouting summer crops.
Flooding & crops 5/25/19
We start in western Oklahoma with a look at how the rains last week are still preventing field work and Jason Warren explains how water moves through different soil types.
Rising threat of wheat diseases 5/18/19
Bob Hunger starts off the tour with information about wheat disease.
Weeds in wheat 5/18/19
Misha Manuchehri tells us why the presence of weeds in your wheat field might not be a bad thing this year.

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