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Oklahoma's 2017 wheat harvest 6/24/17
Oklahoma's 2017 wheat harvest 6/24/17
Wheat Harvest Delayed 6/21/17 (R)
Wheat Harvest Delayed 6/21/17 (R)
Summer Crop Update 6/10/17
SUNUP is at the Cimmaraon Valley Research Station at Perkins where Josh Lofton shows us how the sorghum crop is progressing. He also has a map of the sugarcane aphid progress as they enter Oklahoma.
Soil on Slopes 6/10/17
Jason Warren explains how soils may change between elevations in the same field.
Its never too early to think about your next weeds 6/3/17
We also learn about future research into controlling weeds during the fallow season with Misha Manuchehri.
Wheat Tour 2017 - Alfalfa County 5/27/17
SUNUP travels the state looking at the 2017 wheat crop. We start the show north of Burlington in Alfalfa County and find wheat that is still fairly green.
Wheat Tour 2017 - Blaine County 5/27/17
SUNUP travels to Blaine County to visit a wheat field that has had its share of rain.
Wheat Tour 2017 - Caddo County 5/27/17
SUNUP meets a Caddo County producer who has an interesting crop rotation to maximize his wheat production.
Wheat Tour 2017 - Cotton County 5/27/17
SUNUP makes our final stop at a Cotton County field that was damaged by hail last week.
Magruder Plot 125 years 5/27/17
SUNUP learns what 125 years of the Magruder Plots means to wheat research at Oklahoma State University.
The science behind the variety trials 5/20/17
SUNUP starts with a wheat update from David Marburger.
New wheat varieties 5/20/17
Brett Carver introduces us to the two newest OkState wheat varieties, Sprit Rider and Smith’s Gold.
Thinking about sorghum this summer? 5/20/17
Josh Lofton says plan for sugarcane aphids now and it may not be worth replanting missed sorghum in your field.
Wheat update 5/13/17
David Marburger has an update on the wheat crop as Oklahoma moves full speed toward harvest.
Soil management 5/13/17
Brian Arnall offers advice on managing soil fertility after significant rainfall. He also invites viewers to the 125th Harvest of Magruder Plots Field Day on May 19.
Wheat update 4/29/17
SUNUP speeds ahead toward harvest. Find out the projected timeline and how wheat are looking in the final stretch from David Marburger.
Canola update & cotton planning 4/29/17
Josh Lofton is looking at canola's timeline and its final stretch.
Wheat update (4/29/17)
SUNUP speeds ahead toward harvest. Find out the projected timeline and how wheat are looking in the final stretch from David Marburger.
Summer crops 4/08/17
SUNUP starts with advice from Josh Lofton about summer crop plantings.
Magruder Plots: "Check" 4/08/17
SUNUP learns about the wheat research milestone at the Magruder Plots and the celebration surrounding it.
Canola update & 2017 tour information 4/01/17
SUNUP starts with a canola crop update from Josh Lofton and information about the upcoming field tours
Wheat Update 3/25/17
SUNUP starts with a wheat update from David Marburger.
Canola crop update 3/12/17
SUNUP gets an update from Josh Lofton on the canola crop and how much of it was impacted by winterkill.
Wheat Update 3/5/17
SUNUP learns how wheat researchers gather information about first hollow stem and we get an update on the crop from David Marburger.
The Science Behind Dual-Purpose Wheat 2/11/17
SUNUP starts with David Marburger explaining Oklahoma State University’s research study on dual-purpose wheat yields.

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