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Canola update & cotton planning 4/29/17
Josh Lofton is looking at canola's timeline and its final stretch.
Wheat update (4/29/17)
SUNUP speeds ahead toward harvest. Find out the projected timeline and how wheat are looking in the final stretch from David Marburger.
Summer crops 4/08/17
SUNUP starts with advice from Josh Lofton about summer crop plantings.
Magruder Plots: "Check" 4/08/17
SUNUP learns about the wheat research milestone at the Magruder Plots and the celebration surrounding it.
Canola update & 2017 tour information 4/01/17
SUNUP starts with a canola crop update from Josh Lofton and information about the upcoming field tours
Wheat Update 3/25/17
SUNUP starts with a wheat update from David Marburger.
Canola crop update 3/12/17
SUNUP gets an update from Josh Lofton on the canola crop and how much of it was impacted by winterkill.
Wheat Update 3/5/17
SUNUP learns how wheat researchers gather information about first hollow stem and we get an update on the crop from David Marburger.
The Science Behind Dual-Purpose Wheat 2/11/17
SUNUP starts with David Marburger explaining Oklahoma State University’s research study on dual-purpose wheat yields.
Ag Apps 2/11/17
Brian Arnall discusses some of the new apps for farmers and ranchers.
Dead Canola After Wheat? What Variety Did You Plant? 2/4/2017
SUNUP starts with Josh Lofton explaining why canola plants may die if planted after certain wheat varieties in no-till fields.
Wheat Update 1/14/17
SUNUP starts with a winter wheat update with David Marburger.
Topdress, more for your money 1/7/17
Brian Arnall discusses the best time to topdress winter crops.
Canola Update & Canola College 1/7/17
Josh Lofton has an update on the canola crop and information about the upcoming Canola College.
Red River Crops Conference 12/17/16
Randy Boman has a reminder about the upcoming Red River Crops Conference.
How Canola Cleans Up Weeds 12/10/16
Josh Lofton talks about the herbicides that work best in canola.
Winter Canola Update 11/19/16
SUNUP starts with an update on the winter canola crop across Oklahoma.
Weed in your Winter Cops 10/22/16
Overview of the weeds that could impact winter crops, with Misha Manuchehri.
Cotton Update 11/5/16
SUNUP travels to Oklahoma's cotton country to talk with Extension Cotton Specialist Randy Boman about the 2016 crop.
Cotton Update 11/5/16
SUNUP travels to Oklahoma's cotton country to talk with Extension Cotton Specialist Randy Boman about the 2016 crop.
Hands-On Weed Education 11/12/16
SUNUP visits the recent herbicide symptomology clinic held in Stillwater.
Algae Research 11/19/16
Randy Boman explains why bacteria blight has damaged the cotton crop this year. He also has information about the 2017 Red River Crops Conference.
What is a Wheat Demonstration Plot 10/29/16
SUNUP starts with planting wheat demonstration plots at the Agronomy Research Station in Stillwater. David Marburger explains the role they play in the land-grant mission in Oklahoma.
Winter Crop Update 10/15/16
SUNUP will get a progress report on fall wheat and canola planting from David Marburger and Josh Lofton
The N-Rich Strip 10/01/16
Brian Arnall discusses the importance of N-rich strips in helping guide nutrient management decisions in newly-planted fields.

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